Spring Snow Goose Hunts


IMG_0062Come join the Dirty Bird Outfitter boys for a premier spring snow goose hunt in Arkansas and the Midwest. We are here to bring you the exhilaration of the spring snow goose conservation season. We hunt over high quality Avian x full body decoys and a mixture of Deadly and White Rock windsocks. You will be using top quality equipment and in the company of top-notch guides who live for chasing waterfowl. We follow the migration starting February in Arkansas up into Nebraska and ending in South Dakota. We stay on top of the migration by moving with the birds as they migrate we are always working hard to give you the hunt of a lifetime!

We run our spring snow goose hunts in two states. (Arkansas, and South Dakota). Remember that the weather and migration heavily determines where we will be and when we move so all dates are tentatively set for each state!

Our spring snow goose hunts allow for liberal limits, extended plugs, and electronic calls to be used.  Add in large decoy spreads, top quality gear and top-notch guides and you have the makings for that hunt of a lifetime and that’s what we strive to give you at Dirty Bird Outfitters.

IMG_0224Your typical snow goose hunt will start with meeting up with your guide and getting snacks and beverages for the day before we head to the field. We will be in the field and ready to go before sunrise as the first couple of hours can be some of the heaviest shooting, we normally take a short break to regroup ourselves and grab a bite to eat, then on to an evening hunt. On migration days you may see good action in the field all day and other days when we target feed fields. There may be a lull in the action during the middle of the day and early evenings in which you can take a break if you wish. 

You will be snow goose hunting over spreads ranging from 1000-2000 decoys. We run a mixture of  Wind socks and Avian x fullbodies with multiple spinners and flyers to have adequate movement in the spread. We will also be running 3-4 E callers per set.

Contact us today to book your spring snow goose hunt.