Spring Snow Goose Hunting Info

What to bring:

  • Shotgun (12 or 10 gauge).
  • Warm and cold weather clothes. Come prepared for any weather.  It can range from as cold as 0 degrees to in the 60’s.  Also be prepared for rain, snow or sunshine as it is springtime and we never know what it will throw at us.
  • Knee-high boots are recommended
  • Ammo 3″-3 1/2″( 2’s or bb’s are recommended).
  • At least 3 boxes of shells per day.
  • Camouflage face mask.
  • Large coolers for your birds (guide will clean your birds for $3/per bird).
  • Camera to capture all the great memories.

We Highly Recommend Kruger Farms for all gear you may need! Check them out, any questions on gear feel free to ask us.

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