South Dakota Snow Goose Hunts

South Dakota Spring Snow Goose Hunts

South Dakota spring snow goose huntsSouth Dakota is our last stop chasing the migration we will be in SD from mid to late March until roughly Apr 20 for our South Dakota snow goose hunts.

Central and Eastern SD have millions of birds that migrate through during the spring push using flooded fields, sheet water, and large bodies of water on their way north.

We will hunt mainly feed fields but will also target sheetwater they are using and loafing ponds aswell. All of our spreads will be 1500-2000 decoys being a mixture of Avian x fullbodies and whiterock and deadly windsock decoy. The spring snow goose conservation season allows for unplugged guns, very liberal limits and the use of electronic callers which we will use anywhere from 2-4 four speaker units.

We will follow the migration throughout the state, moving when need be. A lot of time the migration gets held up by the snowline while in SD which will pile birds up in one area. We constantly stay on the birds to make sure we can have on a premier South Dakota snow goose hunt you will never forget.

It is highly recommended to bring knee high boots on all of our hunts but especially in SD, some places can be very wet.

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