snow goose hunting guidesMatthew Piehl

I am the owner of Dirty Bird Outfitters and when I am not chasing some kind of fowl or trying to set a hook in some fish I don my steel toed boots and a hard hat in the oilfields of western North Dakota. I began waterfowl hunting early in my life and it didn’t take long for it to turn into a passion of mine. All it took was one snow goose hunt 14 years ago to have me hooked on the White Devils!

I have hunted snow geese from Saskatchewan to Kansas with success all along the way. It takes tremendous drive, hard work and effort to be successful in the spring migration and that is exactly what we will give you at Dirty Bird Outfitters.

Waterfowl hunting is my true passion and I can’t wait to share that with all of you!

Feel Free to call or email me with any questions.


snow goose hunting guidesNathan Dewey Dewald

Hey there, Dewey here!

I am the lead Guide at Dirty Bird Outfitters and when I’m not chasing birds I work at a local grain elevator in rural ND. I was born and raised in MN so I grew up chasing fowl, setting hooks in fish and overall just enjoying the outdoors.

I live for waterfowl hunting it is my true passion, I hunt from early season honkers to mallards on the Arkansas river in January I love it all.

My true passion in waterfowl hunting is Spring Snow Goose Hunting though! I have been hunting the spring conservation season since it came into effect. There is nothing more rewarding than putting in countless hours of hard work and having it pay off with large groups of snows giving it up at the blinds! Not just you but everyone is fist pumping and celebrating after big rainout shoots and the birds just do it right all day!

Spring snow goose hunting truly is my passion and I love to share that passion with people, That’s why I would like to have you come join us for and incredible spring snow goose conservation hunt. So we can all be in awe of the big groups of snows while they work and celebrate the big rainouts.

Any questions feel free to contact me